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Meet the Makers of Olio Skin & Beard Co.

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We haven't introduced ourselves properly, recently. "Meet the Makers" March has come and gone, twice, without an appropriate introduction.

Olio Skin Care & Beard Company began in 2009 with a Wife/Husband team determined to bring the passion of skin care to as many folks who would listen.

The reality that skin and body care can, and should, be clean and non-toxic, after all, it is the largest eliminative organ we have, was still foreign to most. Education is everything! Becoming educated on the skins functions, purpose and needs was the turning point in time for us!

Loyal frequenters of all the local farmers markets (specifically Wheeler Farm and SLC Downtown Farmer Market), we saw the opportunity to bring our ideas to market to see if people liked what we were doing. We knew that with a good product, a solid foundation and lots of hard work, Salt Lake would support. And boy did Salt Lake support!

Our motto so eloquently written by Jennifer Smith

We do good for your skin.

We do good for your planet.

We do nature-based, vegan products

Hand-crafted in small batches

By folks with giant hearts.

Made from the freshest, rawest, most organic ingredients.

Created in the most eco conscious, sustainable, and responsible way.

We believe that ‘artificial’ is a four letter word,

And protecting the environment is a life-long endeavor.

We stand for preserving our lands

And against preservatives in our products.

We use unprocessed sea salts, Plant based oils,

And therapeutic grade essential oils.

That soothe, heal and replenish skin.

Then we package it up in UV protective, Tinted glass bottles and jars

That are easily recycled or reused.

Because we want to make a positive impact Instead of a carbon footprint.

And change the way you feel On the outside as well as within.


We welcome everyone.

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