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This is what dry brushing does to your skin!

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We have experienced some of the great effects of "brushing" our skin over the last couple months and wanted to share the results in hopes of finding others who have seen advantages from dry brushing. 

Dry brushing, body brushing and wet brushing are all ways to brush your skin.  Why brush our skin you ask?  

Dry brushing removes a lot of dead skin cells.  Have you experienced the dry skin feeling with season changes?  People tell us their skin is so dry it looks scaly!  A session of dry brushing will not only reveal your younger skin but your body oils will sink in better.  

This is the natural approach to shedding dead skin cells that are hitching a ride and making you look like major of dry town.  Maybe dry brush your legs outside for the first time.  Its amazing to see how much dead dry skin comes off.  This is not damaging to skin.  If you brush too hard it could hurt.  Be gentle with yourselves people, but get a good brushing in.  

After one week of dry brushing, we noticed the appearance of our skin was looking a bit more healthy.  Feeling smoother and tighter.  Just one week helps remove a lot of dead skin which opens pores, exposes blocked pores and detoxifies.  

Its common to feel little raised bumps on your skin after a good dry brush session.  Under layers of dead skin were trapped hairs and dirt, waiting to come out.

We offer Introduction to dry brushing classes to answer all the questions on where to find a brush and what kind of brush use.  Check out for educational classes on skin care, soap making, gentleman grooming and other fun stuff that we feel like we should know but have never discussed. 

Stay tuned for when we touch on body brushing and wet brushing. 


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