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Scent Descriptions

Face & Body Oil

Clear- It's truly unscented.

*Frankincense Lavender- A healing blend of Frankincense & Lavender Essential Oils.

*Original- A pleasant blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver, Rose Essential Oils with a hint of Peppermint.

*Zesty Citrus- A stimulating blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lime, Orange & Lemongrass Essential Oils.

Beard Oil & Butter

Clear- It's truly unscented.

Bay Rum- Masculine and timeless, this warm, exotic, classic barbershop scent is made up of jasmine, rum, citrus and sparks of hearty spice.

*Bergamot- Fresh and light citrus. 

*Cedarwood- Clean, sharp & woody.

Cuban Tobacco- Masculine, clean scent of raw tobacco leaf.

*High Desert- A fresh blend of Juniper Berry & Sage Essential Oils.

*Lumberjack- A blend of Frankincense & Pine Essential oils

*Mojito- A blend of Lime & Spearmint Essential Oils that we refer to as our "beach vacation in a bottle".

Outrigger- Teakwood. Intense aromas of amber and wood are complimented with bergamot, cardamom, jasmine, and lily of the valley to create a pungent, backwoods blend.

Redwood Embers- A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove that has a beautiful floral bouquet and woody undertone.

Sandalwood Bourbon- A woody, amber-moss and spice scent. Manly and classy.

Something Familiar- Our version of Burberry for Men cologne. 

Thor- Clean and crisp; Thor is sculpted with strong minty herbal notes, notes of lavender, and patchouli. Ultra fresh and masculine.

Wasatch Woodsman- The classic, masculine cedar leather scent.

* Essential Oil based fragrance.