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The 1, 2, 3 Olio System

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We've created a system for cleansing, hydrating and caring for your skin in a natural, holistic way.  

We believe in oils.  Vitamin Oils and therapeutic grade essential oils.  Each has their own job in caring for your skin.  

1. Olio Citrus Cleansing Oil - Rich in Coconut oil, this is a great cleansing oil, dissolving dirt, sebum and grim.  When you wipe your face after cleaning with a warm cloth, the washcloth takes off all the dirty oil off (that dissolved the dirt [and make-up] from your skin).  This is a non-soap option for cleaning skin.  The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the citrus oils disinfect into the skin and pores.  

Wet your skin.  Pour about 1 tsp of Olio Citrus Cleansing Oil in your palm.  Work Olio's Citrus Cleansing Oil into a milky emulsion.  Massaging this oil into your skin will start a reaction that you can not see happening with your eyes.  I think this is why people have a hard time wrapping their mind around skin care, because we cant see the oils flushing out our pores at that specific moment. 

Like absorbs like, so the cleaning oil you have massaged around your face and body, has dissolved and absorbed dirty body sebum, toxins and free radicals into the cleansing oil.  

2.  Olio Face & Body Oil - This is a plant based solution to replacing lotion in your everyday care of skin. Olio's Face & Body oil is a light weight blend of oils that will absorb nicely into your face and body.  If you've never used oils before, this is a GREAT place to start.  Lightweight and pleasant to wear.

3.  Olio Evening Repair Serum - An intensive hydrating treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, dullness and sun damage.  Olio's Herbal Evening Repair Serum contains skin softening oils like jojoba, Hemp and Argan to replenish moitsure and keep dehydration in check.  Skin loving herb infused oil welcome repair and replace the fatty oils we loose through sweating, pollution and being in the sun.  A few drops massaged into a clean face extends your skins life.  A little goes a long way around the eyes and forehead.


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