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How do I love the skin I'm in?

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We feel a need to open a school to teach what general education doesn't cover about the science of skin, its functions and maintenance.  The younger we teach kids, the sooner prevention can be applied and save risks of skin cancer, dermatitis conditions, acne, etc.  It's a language.  And we are fluent in skin language.  We can hear skin talk for some reason.  Some talk to dogs and horses, some with animals or babies, to each their own!  

Our skin comes in contact with an average of 12 products in the morning.  Every day use of soap, body scrub, lotion, face cleanser, toner, night cream, shave cream, after shave, sunscreen, make-up and deodorant.  

If you know Olio, you've heard us say "Your skin eats".  It absorbs things.  Things that go into our body and blood stream.  Need a better visual?  Think nicotine patch or hormone patches... there ya go, now you see the trans dermal penetration in action.

All topical substances can either penetrate or affect the skin's surface in some way.  Do you know what is coming in touch with your skin everyday and how each ingredient affects you?  Think Twinkies vs Salad, fake vs. real, mass produced vs. whole.  


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