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Beard Oil and all of its capabilities

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Why use a beard oil?

Beard hair is coarse, rough and scratchy.  Ask anyone who's been intimate with a beard and they will tell you the experience could be different if the hair was softer.

Beard Oil is called beard oil so people know where to use it.  The blend of oils in a beard oil are generally light weight and quick absorbing.  The blend of oils we use in our Olio Beard and Face Oil is proprietary, the knowledge of oils allows us to blend our oils successfully. Our beard oil blend is light weight, quick absorbing and hand-blended for the climate we are in. 

The difference in beard oil (and skincare) comes down to the ingredients.  Too often the product is taken for its face value and the ingredients are not even considered.  Yes, its something else to learn.  But you will get the hang of it and be better educated for it.  Start asking questions and talking to your vendors.  You say you cant talk to the Dove vendor?  You say you can't reach a human at MAC to take responsibility for the ingredients?  Well, Derek and I are here in the shop to talk, answer questions, demo and take responsibility for the products we make.

Beard Oils (ingredient providing) can be used for many other applications.  A beard Oil can be used as a hair and scalp oil.  I promise you will not grow a beard out of the top of your head.  Massage some beard oil into your scalp and sleep in it.  Wash the next morning and feel the relief of a hydrated scalp. 

Beard Oil can be used on eyebrows, crows feet and any other delicate areas that would benefit from a quick absorbing dose of vitamins.


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