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What would you do with shipping costs?

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Well, once again the postage rates have gone up.  We know its life and the cost of business, but we like to help people not feel ripped off when it comes to shipping their order.

We had free shipping for a while.  Then postage rates went up.  We had a difficult time going from Free Shipping to Free Shipping over $15.  Wanting to keep customers happy and also wanting to cover on our end.  

Natural Skin Care is priced as a luxury item compared to mass produced grocery store brands.  We've had people ask us "If Olio is so good, how come its not more expensive?", blows our mind.  Its the same with our food system right now.  Poison is cheap ad the real food, real ingredients cost so much.

 Olio is run and managed by two humans.  Not spreadsheets and CEO's and sales.  We have feelings and understand how it feels to be a consumer.  It BOTHERS us to charge too much.  We aren't trying to get rich, we are trying to cause people to think of their skin as an organ, not just a suit that holds our bones in.  Our motive is education and human connection.

It takes a team, and you are part of our team.  How would you handle increased shipping rates?

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