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Happy May 1st, 2020!

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Hello Everyone! 

We have missed chatting with you all about what is going on, current events and the local buzzzzzz!  We have some fun stuff going on over here with no one to tell haha!!  So blog post time.

Olio started to self quarantine early, concerned about the quality and contamination of the product, raw ingredients and general health of the only 2 employees. Having soap available helped us greatly, keeping our website running along with non-contact pick-ups options for locals.  Watching local companies pivot and adapt was amazing, we learned a thing or two from you guys. now has a working IN STORE Pick Up option at checkout.  Takes the shipping off and lets us know you'll be by to pick up your order.

The Sharing Place is a fantastic grief organization here in SLC.  We are honored to be apart of their 2020 Mother's Day event of pouring candles to honor the light of all mothers out there, near and far.  If you would like to participate via zoom to share mom's light, register here to reserve your candle pouring kit. A zoom link will be emailed to you for the event.

A few Olio products are now being offered through Hand Sown Homegrown's website!  We are excited for this for 2 reasons:  First: How exciting to have access to locally bio-dynamically grown greens!  We can feel our brain turn on when we eat Jared's greens.  Second: We sold with Jared of Hand Sown Homegrown at his very first market and we are proud, as fellow business owners, to see how far he has come.  Keep up the great work Jared!

When this whole Covid kicked in, we got right to work.  We started communicating with our small business friends and community to create some exciting collaborations to cheer people up and help spread the love. We now have a COLLABORATION section on our website ( for your viewing pleasure.  We are so proud of these collaborations!  They are the result of many years of hard work, passion, people connecting and compromising, willing forward some fantastic bundles worth celebration.  

Without spoiling the collaboration bundles, we wanted to talk about the companies are are bundling with (all i hear is "bundle and save" lol).  We wanted to provoke a smile for people, so we made a colorful soap smelling of tropical ripe banana, vanilla and pineapple and named it Monkey Farts.  We called up Catherine of Honeysuckle Handmade Studio to see if she could create an earrings version of this soap and boy did she ever!  Then, Bohemian Baklava said she could put the tropical taste into baklava and we were so happy!!  Out of 10 sets, there are only 4 left!  

We have a self-care collaboration with Nil Organic Tea, whom we talk about frequently and adore.  Kim curated a bundle with a few of her favorite goodies to send to Mom for Mother's Day, or anyone in need of a little extra love.  The Peace from Anxiety  self-care package sold out within 40 hours of when it was first released.  It's thoughtfully curated with some essentials that anyone would love and use.  The deluxe package offers more tea, which lets be honest, is the most exciting part.  We love Nil's tea for drinking and soaping.

Our relationship with The Hex Press goes back years also and we love Anna's detailed, perfectionist printing skills. Olio is frequently dressed in her prints.  We've paired some of her work with honey from Keeper of the Bee in a beeautiful pack to gift or keep.

People have been asking for soap trays and soap savers for years.  With the help of Keith of Iron Rose Collection, we believe the perfect solution as been invented!  We are SO excited to post this particular pairing and explain why material of the tray is so fantastic. 

Olio supports the arts and have cool projects going on with a few local artists. Cat Palmer of has handmade a set of 4 beautiful coasters, backed with cork (none of that cheap stuff here) for us to bundle with local goodies.  

The work of Ash Lune compliments our plant based product line perfectly with her line of hand-drawn cards featuring botanicals and herbs.  Snail mail on a quality material stock with all words scripted smoothly brings art to recipients, filling their home with small reminiscences of how loved they are.  Watch for the bundle featuring her greeting cards. 

That's the bulk of it for now.  If you have any specific questions, we would love to hear from you!  Contact us through one of the social networks or our website,

Stay healthy and positive!  See you all soon. 


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