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Plant Based Shampoo Bar

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Handcrafted Cold Process Shampoo Bar
approx. 4 - 5 oz.
(we no longer sell the small 2 oz.)
Olio Shampoo bars differ from our face and body bars.  Please ask us how!  And ask what makes a shampoo bar different than other bars to all brands you try.  
Our shampoo bars are formulated to attach to the oil dirt on hair/scalp and wash it away.  Our recipe of hair loving oils are hydrating (you my not need a conditioner) and nourishing for hair.  Olive oil, Castor oil (creates suds), Coconut Oil (cleanser), Jojoba Oil (shine and conditioner) work as a great medium to give yourself a scalp massage.  Essential oils cut down on scalp acne and dandruff.
The coconut milk bar is unscented and conditioning.  

Try all 4:
Peppermint Tea Tree Eucalyptus
Herbal Infusion w/ Cucumber Aloe
Cedar Lavender
Coconut Milk (unscented)
Unlike mass produced bars, these bars are handcrafted and hand cut, free from unnecessary preservatives, detergents, synthetics or parabens. 
Full batch orders are available by request.
Custom orders welcome.

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