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40 Bar Custom Soap Batch, Bulk - Olio Skin & Beard Co.
40 Bar Custom Soap Batch, Bulk - Olio Skin & Beard Co.
40 Bar Custom Soap Batch, Bulk - Olio Skin & Beard Co.
40 Bar Custom Soap Batch, Bulk - Olio Skin & Beard Co.

40 Bar Custom Soap Batch, Bulk

Get wholesale pricing & customize your own batch of soap to stock up or gift. This clay, that charcoal and your favorite smell. We're ready to get soaping for you!


  1. Pick one item from each of the 3 columns below - You will let us know your choices in the checkout comments.
  2. Select Store Pick Up or Shipped from the drop down menu (this is wholesale pricing and doesn't qualify for free shipping terms)
  3. Add this product to your cart
  4. Check out. Don't forget to let us know your fragrance and ingredient choices in the checkout comments
  5. We will send you an email within 24 hrs. to let you know when your soap will be cured

Once your soap has cured for 3 weeks we will notify you for pick up or shipping. You will have 40 bars of soap that weigh approx. 4.5 oz. each.

If you have any requests or questions send us a message here.

Essential Oil / Fragrance Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
cedarwood essential oil activated charcoal activated charcoal
eucalyptus essential oil aloe vera aloe vera
lavender essential oil apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar
lemongrass essential oil arrowroot powder arrowroot powder
litsea essential oil basil powder basil powder
peppermint essential oil beet root powder beet root powder
rosemary essential oil bentonite clay bentonite clay
spearmint essential oil cacao powder cacao powder
tea tree essential oil calendula powder calendula powder
baby powder fragrance chamomile powder chamomile powder
bourbon barrel fragrance chia seeds chia seeds
cabernet neroli fragrance coffee (ground) coffee (ground)
cinnamon cacao fragrance coffee (liquid) coffee (liquid)
coconut fragrance earl grey tea powder earl grey tea powder
cuban tobacco fragrance french green clay french green clay
espresso fragrance green tea powder green tea powder
outrigger fragrance honey honey
something familiar fragrance kale powder kale powder
thor fragrance kaolin (rose) clay kaolin (rose) clay
wasatch woodsman fragrance kelp powder kelp powder
lavender (whole buds) lavender (whole buds)
lavender powder lavender powder
magnesium (ground) magnesium (ground)
oats (ground) oats (ground)
peppermint powder peppermint powder
pine tips (ground) pine tips (ground)
poppy seeds poppy seeds
rhasoul (brown) clay rhasoul (brown) clay
turmeric powder turmeric powder