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Sandalwood Hydrosol Water

Olio Skin Care's 100% pure, highly concentrated (undiluted, uncut) Sandalwood Water is a natural skin enhancer with many benefits, including hydration, refreshment, soothing, and cleansing. It's often recommended for acne and rosacea-prone skin because of its ability to reduce bacteria, decrease inflammation, and hydrate/soothe. As a toner, just dampen a cotton pad with a few drops and apply. For makeup removal, it's effective but gentle. As a hair treatment/conditioner, use as a final rinse. Use as an eye brightener to reduce puffiness and dark circles, an aftershave treatment to calm red, irritated skin, or a bath additive to calm the mind. As a makeup refresher and light fragrance, spritz on the face or body. Or add to sheets for a romantic, sensual effect.


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