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Pre-Shave & Aftershave Oil Set

I find that my wet shaving sessions are vastly improved when I use both the Pre-Shave Oil and Aftershave Oil from Olio Beard Co. This set offers a cost-effective solution, and you're sure to benefit from the unique properties of both oils. Our Pre-Shave Oil provides a smooth lubrication layer, mitigating the risk of razor burn and providing a smoother glide. It is further enhanced with the addition of cedarwood and rosemary essential oils, which leave a soothing warmth on your skin and prepare hairs for a closer shave. Alternatively, our Aftershave Oil offers an invigorating aroma and cooling sensation. Furthermore, the plant-based oils help replenish lost moisture while avoiding any greasy residues - leaving a long-lasting tingle!
Add a dropper cap for $.50/ea.
(1, 2, 4 oz. sizes)