Beard Oil & Balm Set

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Beard Oil
The secret to a healthy, luscious beard is Olio Beard Co. Beard & Face Oil. 
Our handcrafted Beard & Face Oil will keep your beard healthy, strong, soft and smooth while hydrating your skin, reducing the under beard itch, acne, ingrown hair sores and beard dandruff.
A blend of fast absorbing plant based oils that wont leave you, your beard or your shirt greasy.
Our Beard & Face Oil is your basic building block to feed your skin and hair from the follicle level. Once you have applied your oil to your warm, freshly washed chin and beard you can then apply you Beard Butter, Beard Balm & Mustache Wax.
Beard Balm
There comes a time in every beard's life where it becomes hard to manage. Pesky flyway's and fuzzy beards are no match for our high quality, natural Olio Beard Co. Beard Balm.
Our Beard Balm will give you a light hold, keeping your facial hair where it's supposed to be while maintaining a natural look. Our Beard Balm is unscented, will not overpower your cologne or Beard Oil. This is a Natural, Chemical Free & Sustainable product. 
(It is not a mustache wax.)
To apply:
1. Scrape a pea size amount with the back of your thumbnail.
2. Rub Beard Balm in the palms of your hands to soften and melt.
3. Start at your sideburns and work balm into your beard in a downward motion coating every hair.
4. You have now tamed your beard. Bathe in the manly recognition you deserve.
Beard Oil & Balm Set Includes:
• 1 oz., 2 oz. or 4 oz. Olio Beard Co. Beard & Face Oil (in your choice of scent)
• .8 oz. or 1.6 oz. Beard Balm