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Personal Protection Beard Mask - Olio Skin & Beard Co.

Personal Protection Beard Mask

Don't you hate it when your mask causes a crease in your beard? Or even worse, when your beard ends up in your mouth under your mask?

We finally have that solution for you. 

The beard Wise Beard Mask will not only help protect you from that nasty Covid-19 and other viruses but protects your beard from creases, kinks, knots and general messiness.

This mask is a necessity for any serious beard wearer.

Mask is hand or machine washable, has a small slide in area for a metal strip (includes 2) to form the mask to your nose, helps prevent glasses from fogging up and creates a tight seal to direct your breathe downwards. Adjustable left and right ear loops.

We can't exchange or refund masks. All mask sales are final.