Natural Skin & Hair Care Introduction Set

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A Great set for anyone looking to try 2 of our best selling natural products!  Olio's zero waste shampoo bar, a Salty Citrus Face & Body treatment with a spoon to keep it clean. A cute microfiber face cloth, perfect size for travel too.  
Natural Skin & Hair Care Introduction Set Includes:
• 3 oz. net wt. Salty Citrus Face & Body Exfoliant
• 2 oz. net wt. Solid Shampoo Soap
• 4" x 4" Microfiber Face Cloth
• Wooden Mini Spoon
Salty Citrus Face & Body treatment is an Earth friendly exfoliant, 100% natural scrub with skin-loving, mineral rich Hawaiian sea salt. Polish your skin to perfection while the citrus and eucalyptus essentials work in your favor to rid your skin of blemishes, even your skin, tone & buff all of your dry stuff. It's your preference weather you apply to wet or dry skin, both ways work so play around to see which works best for you. Apply to dry skin before turning on the shower, massaging in small circles will give you the level of exfoliation wanted. Feels heavenly to do before shaving, also makes for a killer pedicure. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. May be used as a mask for acne. Apply a thin layer to moistened face and let sit for 5-8 minutes. Use daily to fight damage and buildup then follow with Olio's Face & Body Oil. For all skin types. Great for acne prone and oily skin.
Use as a cleansing scrub or a leave on mask.



Our shampoo bars are formulated to gently remove oil dirt on hair/scalp, suds and wash it away.  Our recipe of hair loving oils are hydrating (you my not need a conditioner) and nourishing for hair.  Olive oil, Castor oil (creates suds), Coconut Oil (cleanser), Jojoba Oil (shine and conditioner) work as a great medium to give yourself a scalp massage.  Essential oils cut down on scalp acne and dandruff.


Our textured, 4" x 4" microfiber, waffle-weave makeup removal cloth is also an effective mini facial exfoliation towel. Pamper yourself with our premium spa quality microfiber cloth.