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Minty Moments Collaboration Set

This Minty Moments Collaboration Set will get you in the mood to detach from your day, sit down with a cup of tea and write a note to someone you've been wanting to reach out to.  

Nil Organic Mojito Tea: Organic herbs and botanical of Green Tea, Spearmint, lime and lemongrass are delicious together whether you make a cup of hot tea or cold tea. A little local honey to sweeten if wanted, or a squeeze of lime juice will relax your senses, quench a sweet tooth and allow you a moment to appreciate your sense of smell and taste.

Herbal Hand-drawn greeting card by local SLC Artist, Ash Lune, brings art in a give able form that anyone will appreciate. This beautiful greeting card may also be framed to bring local art to a little area of a home.  Plant medicine via art brings joy and allows anyone to connect with nature. 

Olio's Spearmint Essential Oil wood wick candle: Organic, non-treated wood wick will give a mild crackling sound, just enough to let your brain feel the organic nature of fire. Our soy based candles, made with essential oils, will scent the air of fresh spearmint, giving your smell senses something to linger on.