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Dreamy Kitchen Set - Olio Skin & Beard Co.
Dreamy Kitchen Set - Olio Skin & Beard Co.

Dreamy Kitchen Set

Enhance your hand dish-washing experience with this dreamy dish-soap bar and hand crafted ceramic dish set.  

Alpine Earthworks Pottery creates mountain inspired pottery, wheel-thrown, hand carved and glazed to represent the wild places.  Her pieces feel good to us, they spark a bit of nostalgia on the regular, and that is a nice feeling to sit with. 

We love that each piece Kim creates is unique and one of a kind.  Her commissioned pieces bring life to any kitchen, from cocktail tumblers and mugs with pour overs, to dishes and gorgeous vases. 

Olio's dish-washing bar soap is a cold-process, zero waste, plant-based option.  Lemongrass essential oil with locally foraged pine tips.  Both are known for their cleaning and disinfecting qualities.  This bar is a coconut oil bar, which gives dishes a streak free clean.  (A coconut oil bar would be very drying to our body.)

Using a dish brush is great with this bar soap but it also works with a dishcloth or sponge.  The dish has slight depth so the bar of soap doesn't sit directly in water after use.  

Makes a thoughtful neighbor gift.  The soap is vegan, no beeswax either.   Each bar lasts about 1 month.  Choice of round or rectangle.