Craft Lake City DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

 Get all of the supplies you need to pour two of your own 4oz candles in a convenient supply box curated by Olio Skin & Beard and Craft Lake City!

The Candle Pouring Workshop Supply Box is designed to accompany the Candle Pouring Online Workshop taught by local artisan Jennifer Williamson of Olio Skin & Beard. The online workshop is sold separately. To purchase access to the Candle Pouring Online Workshop (complete with step-by-step process videos and downloadable resource documents), head to https://craftlakecity.podia.com/online-workshop-candle-pouring-beginner


2 tins (4oz each)
2 botanicals: organic roses and organic burdock root
2 metal wick clips
1 wood wick
Sea Salt fragrance oil and eucalyptus essential oil
8 oz. of soy wax flakes

At home you'll need to have disposable gloves, 2 red solo cups for mixing, a chopstick for mixing color and scent into the melted wax, a protective table covering, scissors or wire cutters, and a microwave or stovetop.

    This is the kit that was used for the candle pouring workshop with Craft Lake City.