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Home Brewing Class for Beginners - Wine; Oct. 19

Our friends, family and customers that attend events at Olio are often treated to some of our home brew wine, beer or ciders. Many of you have expressed an interest in home brewing yourselves.
We love to home brew because we often can make our preferred adult beverages for pennies per bottle at a higher quality than buying commercially. With home brewing we can control our flavors, alcohol content and additives to suit our taste. 
Here is your chance to learn while making your own batch of home brew, hands on from us and our 25 yrs. of experience. Also, thanks to our friends at Salt City Brew Supply in Midvale & Ogden we have arranged a 10% discount for you to help you purchase your equipment & ingredient kits.
Saturday, October 19, 2019 @ 11:00 am 
Olio Products Co.
2157 E 2100 S., Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(behind barbershop next to The Bean Whole Coffee)
What we are going to brew: We will begin with a wine kit. Wines are the easiest for a beginner to make with no frustration in understanding the basics of home brewing without a lot of complicated steps. After a wine and the basic understanding of home brewing you will be ready to tackle a hard cider, beer, mead, etc... 
Ingredients you will need: Pick a wine you will enjoy weather its a red, white, rose or even something tropical and sweet. I recommend a low cost kit. Here are a few we like. Wine Lovers Cab Sauv or Gewurz or Wine Lovers Merlot or any wine kit from Salt City Brew Supply  * Make sure you purchase a kit to make 6 gallons.
Equipment you will need to brew: Most of this is a one time investment that can be used to brew beer, wines, ciders, fresh fruit wines, etc. The equipment kit from Salt City Brew Supply has everything included for a good price. Don't worry about bottles yet, we will be 30 days away from that step so we will discuss bottling in class.
We encourage you to bring your equipment kit and ingredient kit with you to class to start your batch. If you prefer to come without, you are welcome to learn from our demo and information. Home brewing is a great solo hobby or couples hobby, feel free to bring your partner. 
Once you purchase a spot in our class you will be sent an email confirmation and information on your 10% discount from Salt City Brew Supply.