Ash Lune Soap & Greeting Card Artisan Collaboration

 Artisan Collaboration is a team effort by skilled craft workers who create objects or materials entirely by hand.   People who want to develop together, one of a kind pieces brought to life for a moment in time that represent a feeling of uniqueness.  

Traditionally, artists meet to discuss a focal point for the project.  Working to deliver an ethical, sustainable, functional item.  This process can take weeks in itself.  

Ash Lune and Olio Skin Care took months to develop this beautiful set.  Picking colors, textures and feelings we wanted associated with it.  Both small companies prefer calm, simple designs that let the art shine through.  

A lovely greeting card to be sent to someone special or can be framed as a calming addition to a museum wall in ones home.  An all natural bar of cold process soap to use head to toe, scented in a gradient pattern with Gardenia.  

Support to artists at once with this soulful set.