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Because We Wear Masks Set

Masks have become part of our lives, so are the skin conditions that come along with masking all day. 
This is the set we have put together for our friends that are essential and healthcare workers who have come to us with over steamed, dry skin in the masked area of their faces. 
We have included
  • Hydrosol Water  Your choice of 2 oz. rose or lavender, to freshen up your face with a spritz periodically through your day that will freshen provide hydration to your skin,
  • Face & Body Oil Just a little after your hydrosol spritz to hold that hydration and heal your dry mask skin.
  • The Balm  It's an intense dry lip healer. .5 oz.
  • Essential Oil  Dab a little on that mask for a pleasant, personal scent to brighten your day. Choice of .5 oz. EO